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      Court And DMV Approved California Traffic School

We are a DMV, court approved California traffic school serving the Pasadena/Los Angeles County area for over 20 years!

We are on the DMV's list of approved traffic schools for California.

We can help you get your California traffic ticket expunged and therefore prevent a sudden increase in your auto insurance rates. Without this, your rates may suddenly be increased to a much higher rate than it is now.

We are number one in teaching defensive driving techniques, and give you the knowledge to protect yourself on freeways, highways and city streets. You become a much more careful driver and this helps you to avoid receiving future tickets and having to attend traffic school again.   

Beat procrastination- going to our traffic school helps you get it done and finally out of the way! You can finish your course in a single day and have everything finished.

Taking our traffic school is one of the easiest ways solve your traffic ticket problem.                                              

               Why Choose Altadena Traffic School?    


              We Can Help You Get Your Ticket Expunged   

   One of our goals is to help you get your  ticket expunged and prevent points from being placed on your driving record.

This means your traffic ticket is actually cleared from your driving record.

When you complete our 8 hour California traffic school course, you will be issued a completion certificate which we will automatically transmit to the court.

Once this is sent to the court, the court will 'forgive' or expunge your traffic  citation, and the point will be kept off your record.

This helps you to avoid a sudden higher insurance rate, getting your license taken away, or suddenly getting dropped from your auto insurance provider. These things happen to drivers every day after pleading guity in court.


Simply put, taking traffic school is probably one of the easiest and fastest ways to end your traffic ticket headache.

 Prevent Auto Insurance Rates From Rising
 Due To Points On Your Record  
Pl Pleading guilty to a traffic violation can cause a point (or points) to be placed on your driving record, and when your insurance agency learns of this from reviewing your driving record, they can drastically raise your insurance payments.

Depending on your insurance agent, you can also be dropped from your policy for having points on your record. Getting new auto insurance can be even harder.

This commonly happens to people who simply plead guilty to their alleged  violation.  

aking Traffic School is one of the answers to this.

After completing a course from an approved California traffic school, the court will usually expunge your citation and no points will be placed on your record for the insurance agent to see.  

This can help you to avoid facing much larger insurance payments later on, long after you've left the court.   

   Taking traffic school helps  aslo you avoid the hassles of going to trial, dealing with lawyers,  and going back and forth to court.   Take our course, complete it, pass the exam, and this will help get your traffic citation expunged  from your record.

                     Prevent Your License From Being Taken Away

Receiving too many points on your driving record can place you in danger of having your license suspended.

If you already have past tickets on your driving record and have just received a new one, you may have an opportunity to still keep your license.

As long you have not taken traffic school within 18 months of receiving your new ticket, and you are granted permission by the court, you can prevent a damaging point from being placed on your record, helping you to keep your license.

 For information on points and their consequences, see the DMV point chartand  California vehicle code 12810.5

            We Transmit Your Certificate To The Court For You

 There is no need to worry about travelling back and forth to the DMV to prove you have completed our course. We take care of that for you. 

Once you complete our course, we will automatically transmit the results to the court for you. 

         Defensive Driving: Protect Yourself & Learn How To Drive Safe  

Learn how to drive safe, be attentive when driving, and protect yourself from accidents, and other people's bad driving. 

While there is no absolute guarantee, this can also help you to avoid getting more traffic citations in the future, by avoiding past mistakes that drivers commonly make.  Use defensive driving to avoid both accidents and traffic tickets! 

             Friendly Instructors, Comfortable Classroom

Our classes are comfortable, the instructors are friendly and knowledgable about defensive driving, California traffic tickets, rules and laws.

We make taking traffic school a comfortable, informative, learning experience. See our Yelp reviews for our traffic school   from our satisfied customers.

                                Flexible Scheduling For Your Convenience  

We know people who have to take traffic school will have busy schedules. We offer classes to fit those busy schedules, to make it easier for you.

Click on Contact us or call us for more details about our flexible scheduling. 
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